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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Iran Threatens Israel with Retaliation

Yep, he's at it again. President "Kill all Jews" What's-His-Name of Iran is threatening Israel with retaliation if the Israelis go in and attack suspected nuclear sites in Iran. No surprise here. He's been threatening to wipe out Israel for quite some time already, and what better way to do it than to develop nuclear weapons. So let's all put this in perspective. The U.N. has about an 80% chance of failure in terms of stopping Iran's nuclear program. Too many gutless pansies and suspect allies on the board. And now that the Democrats have taken over Congress, U.S. foreign policy will be emasculated and become isolationist again so there's a 90% chance we won't go after Iran on our own either. That leaves Israel with a 95 % chance of taking out the Iranian nukes like they did with the Iraqi nuclear site and leaves Iran with a 100% chance of retaliation. Any way you see it, the forecast for peace in the Mideast does not look good.

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